CrossFit 187 – CrossFit


Snatch Warm Up (No Measure)

As a Group

10 shuttle runs (half room, 5 full room)

50ft inch worm with push ups

50ft reverse lunge with reach

50ft Franksteins (arms out ahead, kick opposite arm)

50ft squats – 2 normal with 3sec pause, 2 narrow with no pause

50ft bear crawl

50ft backwards bear crawl

With an empty bar or dowel:

5 high hang snatch shrugs

5 high hang snatch pulls

5 high hang BTN snatch grip push press


5 snatch balance

5 high hang squat snatch


A: Squat Snatch (4×5 @ 70-75%)

These are not singles, but also not Touch N’ Go. Try to stay on the bar with minimal rest in hang or ground


B: Metcon (Time)

50 wall balls, 20/30lbs

150 DU

20 bar muscle ups

150 DU

50 wall balls