Reminder you must have your scores submitted by 5pm PST (6pm MST). If you have signed up for the Open and you haven’t completed the workout yet please get it done today! You can do it during any class time. There is also Open gym from 11:30-1pm (you will need to find a judge) or I will be in with clients till 2:30, and back at 4pm. Please feel free to come down during those times, but you will also have to have your own judge.

As of this morning Team Black is in the lead with 11 people signed up for the Open. The Startled Koalas trial by 1, and Flexy Beast and The Bent Rowers are tied with 7 each.

The Startled Koalas are leading with 18 participation points. Team Black is right behind with 16. Flexy Beast have 15, and The Bent Rowers are trailing behind with 13. SO make sure if you are coming in today that if you haven’t done 18.1, get it done! Not for you, but for your team 🙂

I will announce the weeks winner and week 2s challenge tomorrow morning.

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