New Year New You Fitness Challenge Winners

We have calculated all your results for the New Year New You Fitness Challenge.

For the Non-Members Matt Turner managed to win both categories, for weight loss and the retest on the Workout. He is down an amazing 9% in weight and beat his workout by 115%!

For the Members, Tom McCooeye lost an amazingĀ 8.78% in weight, with his wife Kim right behind him with 8.46%!

Dawn Bird beat her workout score by 94%!

Loved seeing all the transformations and hard work you all put in the last 2 months. Nice Work Everyone!

Please see Sarah to collect your cash prize.


Correction: 18.2 A Scores were forgotten in the numbers below, so the scores have been adjusted.


Week 2 is in the books and we have a new leader. Team Black is in the lead with 50 points from this week, bringing their total to 106.

The Bent Rowers took the weekly challenge with 1070 DUs! Team Black didn’t even come close with 882. While Flexy Beast had 702 DUs, The Startled Koalas clearly did know how to do DUs, with only 518 DUs….

Weekly Points:

Team Black: 73

The Bent Rowers: 59

The Startled Koalas: 62

Flexy Beast: 32

Total Points:

Team Black: 129

The Startled Koalas: 120

The Bent Rowers: 99

Flexy Beast: 59

Week 3 Challenge is all about 3s…

With a total of 3 minutes on the clock, (45s of work, 15s rest/transition), you must accumulate as many calories as possible on the Rower, Bike, and Ski Erg. Athletes will have only 1 attempt at this. Starting on the rower you have 45 seconds to get as many calories as possible. With a 15 second rest/transition you will process to the Bike for 45 seconds to get as many calories as possible. Taking another 15 second transition/rest you will then proceed to the Ski Erg and attempt to get as many calories as possible in 45 seconds. Monitors must be reset before starting.


Please remember to submit your score for 18.2 today before 6pm. Also you will have until end of day to complete your :90 DU attempt for your weekly challenge.