Week 3 Results

Team Blue won the weekly challenge this week with 819″ in the Broad Jump.

Rainbow was second with 763″, Purple was third with 608″. Fourth place goes to Team Grey with 571″. Red wasn’t far behind with 565″.

Sixth place goes to Yellow with 539″ and last place to team Black with 511″.

So going into the last two weeks, Team Rainbow as taken a huge lead with 130pts!

Red is sitting in second with 112pts. Black is third with 98, Blue has 93 while team Grey as 91pts. Team Yellow has 80, with Team Purple right behind with 79pts.

Week 4 Challenge

We only have two weeks left before the Intramurals are finished!

For this week, we are going for max pull ups in :30!

For your pull ups to count, they must be pull up grip, not chin ups. They must be as strict as possible, meaning no kipping whatsoever!

For scaling options, we are not doing banded or kipping, just ring rows. The top of the rings must be set to the bottom of your rip cage. Your feet must be two feet away from the leg of the cage that your rings are attached to.

The ring rows will be divided by 3 and this will be your score.

Good Luck!

Week 2 Results

For our weekly challenge the gym combined completed a total of 1345 Burpees!

Black took the lead on this one with 238 Burpees. Grey was close behind with 232 burpees, with Red following with 225 burpees.

Rainbow and Blue were very close with 206 and 204 burpees. With Yellow at 142, and Purple getting 98 burpees.

Going into Week 3, Rainbow is our leader with a total of 78 points.

Red and Black are only one point apart with 74 and 73 points.

Then its Team Grey with 67 points, Team Blue with 60 points, Team Yellow with 58 points and Team Purple with 48 points.

2 weeks down, 3 to go!


Week 1 is done!

Nice work to everyone who showed up and completed the workout. Hopefully we won’t see burpees again!

This is how the teams look after Week 1:

We have a three-way tie with Team Red, Team Rainbow, and Team Black with 39 points each.

Purple isn’t far behind with 34 pts. Grey is right behind them with 33 points.

Blue has 29 points with Yellow in last place with 25pts.

The point breakdown will be posted on the board in the gym.

The weekly challenge for week 2 will be released later tonight.

CrossFit Open

Today is the day! The first CrossFit Open workout for the 2020 Competition season will be announced tonight.

For our 1st weekly challenge, we are trying to get as many people from the gym registered in the CrossFit Open as possible.

As of this morning, there is only 14 people from the gym who have registered.

Team Black and Team Rainbow are leading the charge with 3 on each team. Team Yellow, Red, and Blue have 2 a piece while Team Purple and Grey only have one each.

Just a reminder that we will be doing the Open workout every Friday. Please wear your team color in order to get more points for your team.

*If you are a part of Team Rainbow, you can choose any color of the Rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open is only 7 days away. So I think this is a good time to go over the rules of the Intramural and announce the first challenge.

For those who don’t know, the CrossFit Open marks the beginning of the CrossFit Games Season. There will be 5 workouts, released every Thursday evening. Competitors have until Monday night to complete the workout at a CrossFit Affiliate and submit their score. The workout can be completed as many times as wanted/needed before the Monday evening cut off. Competitors will be ranked by sex, division (age), and region. The Top 20 in the World get an invite to the CrossFit Games.

So why should you do it??

Because its fun. Because its a challenge. Athletes like you, from all around the world, show up and push themselves further than they ever thought possible over a five-week period. Challenges, PRs, and the unknown await.

If nothing else, because you will give you team points and help them win the CrossFit 187 Intramural challenge.

So how do the teams accumulate points?

  • Complete the weekly challenge.. and its helps to win it
  • Complete the Open workout each week (we will be doing the workout all day Fridays and Saturdays)
    • You can do any version of the workout – RX or Scaled – and you can change it each week. Or whatever you want… as long as you show up
  • Wear your team color on Friday or Saturday.
  • Points will be rewarded to the top 3 in each division, RX and Scaled

So lets get the Intramural Competition started with our first challenge – Sign up for the OPEN!!

Head to https://open.crossfit.com/ today (or anytime before Monday October 14th) to sign up.

CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open begins in less than one month!

October 10th will be the release of the first Open Workout for the new CrossFit competition season.

Throughout the 5 weeks we will running our Intramural competition in the gym. We will be releasing the teams by the end of this week, and with that the first challenge will begin.

There will be lots of ways to earn points for your team. You can earn points by competing in the weekly challenge. You will also get points for coming on either Friday or Saturday and completing the Open workout. There will be points awarded for the top 3 in each division as well. You will also get bonus points for wearing your team color on Friday or Saturday.

Looking forward to lots of friendly competition in the gym!

Fall Registration for CrossFit Teens/Kids Program

Registration is now open for our Fall Kids/Teens programs.

Our Teens Fall Session will start September 3rd and run until December 12th. Classes will run Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30pm.

Out Kids Fall Session will start September 4th and run until December 11th. Classes will run Monday and Wednesdays from 3:30pm-4:15pm.

Cost for both is $239.00

If you’d like to register your child please call 250-329-4477 or email crossfit187@hotmail.ca