Friday October 6th

Warm Up: 3 rounds 15 KBS, 15 push ups
A. Strict Press – 10×3 AHAP
B. AMRAP 12 – Climb the Ladder
1 power snatch, 115/165lbs
1 rope climbs
8/10 calorie row
2 power snatch
2 rope climbs
8/10 calorie row

Wednesday October 4th

A. Sumo Deadlift – 10×3 @70% of 3RM
Speed work, no bounce
B. 5 rounds of:
5 power cleans, 125/185lbs
5 bar facing burpees
4 power cleans
4 bar facing burpees
3 power cleans
3 bar facing burpees
2 power cleans
2 bar facing burpees
1 power cleans
1 bar facing burpee
Rest 2:00

Wednesday September 27th

Warm Up:
3 rounds
5e lateral box step ups
10 goblet squats with press out
10T hip openers

A. For time:
300 DU
200 squats
100 push ups
50 burpees

B. If time permits:
4-5 rounds
10 hollow rocks
10 V-ups
10 tuck ups
10 sec Hollow Hold
1 min rest b/t sets

No classes Thursday – Sunday

Wednesday will be the last day of regular classes at our current location.
We will be closed Thursday – Sunday and reopening October 2nd in our new location, 10623 100th Avenue.

CrossFit Lite

CrossFit Lite will be starting in one week from today at our new location 10623 100st Avenue (Old Friendly Pets location). Classes will be running Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9:15am and Tuesday/Thursday at 5:30pm.

CrossFit Lite has the same great benefits as the regular CrossFit classes without the intimidation and complexity of lifting with the barbell. It’s a Bootcamp style program designed to be challenging for all levels with no previous experience required.
Each class is different and can include activities like running, body weight movements, kettlebells, wall balls and box jumps. Every class is coached led and programmed by a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and is going to be an awesome workout!
Whether you are new to exercise, have tried CrossFit in the past and perhaps did not have a goal of increasing strength and/or improving your Olympic lifts, but enjoyed the WODS, this class will be scalable for all types of members.

Join us for a functional, full body workout that will improve your fitness all around!

Sign up today for our introductory price of $99/month for the first 3 months. Drop-ins will be available for $20.

Monday September 25th

We will be moving through the week, and most likely closing Thursday or Friday in order to reopen on Monday. I will update the page when I know more.

Warm Up
3 rounds
5e thoracic rotation (on all fours, one hand on head, rotate towards ceiling, return to neutral)
10 push to DWD
5 goblet squat with press out (press away from body at bottom of squat)

A. Find 8-12 RM Single Arm KB press
B. 3 rounds
800m run
50 squats