Food donations for Women’s Resource Society 

Alright guys, you have probably seen that the Women’s Resource Society is in need of non-perishable food, and Hutch has challenged us to do our part for our community.

So let’s show them how big of a heart our 187 community has. Please bring in a non perishable food item from now until Friday and I will drop off Monday.

Tuesday September 12th

Warm Up: 3 rounds :30 HSH, 200m run, 10 strict pull ups
A. Power clean and push jerk – 5×5 @ 75%+
Complete reps in singles. Don’t try and be a super hearo and get sloppy
B. For time:
50 wall balls, 20/30lbs
35/50 calorie row
50 power snatches, 55/75lbs

Friday September 8th

Friday September 8th
Warm Up: 3 rounds: 12 goblet squats w/ pause in bottom, 15 push ups
A. Bench Press – 5×4 @ 85%+ of 2 RM
3 muscle ups
5 thrusters, 95/135lbs
Both movements should be unbroken

We Are Moving!

I am pleased to share with you all that we will be moving October 1st into our new location! I will be sharing more photos as the renovations continue.