Food donations for Women’s Resource Society 

Alright guys, you have probably seen that the Women’s Resource Society is in need of non-perishable food, and Hutch has challenged us to do our part for our community.

So let’s show them how big of a heart our 187 community has. Please bring in a non perishable food item from now until Friday and I will drop off Monday.

We Are Moving!

I am pleased to share with you all that we will be moving October 1st into our new location! I will be sharing more photos as the renovations continue.

New Schedule

Just a reminder our new schedule takes effect next week. Hoping to see lots at the new 4:30pm class!

Made some minor changes as well… added back in the Wednesday night 6:30pm open gym, and cancelled the Thursday 5am class


CrossFit Teens

There is still room in our CrossFit Teens program starting September 5th at 3:30pm. For more information on the teens class please go to

Call or email today to sign up your Teen.

CrossFit is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Every year it is gaining more popularity and significantly more participants. As a result of the growing popularity of CrossFit we are growing as well. In order to accommodate that growth and facilitate further growth, we are looking to bring more coaches in to join our staff.

We are looking for motivated CrossFitters who want to go beyond being just an athlete – so that you become someone who is not only knowledgeable and articulate about CrossFit, but you are capable of teaching a great CrossFit class as well.

We are looking at starting a Coaches Development Program. This program will introduce the methodology, terminology, and movements foundational to CrossFit. 

You do not need to have your CF Level 1 certificate in order to join the program but you will need it in order to finish the program and join the staff. 

If you are interested please talk to Sarah, either at the gym, through messenger, or call/text 250-329-4477.

August 25th

A. Bench Press – 5×5 @80%+


12 BJO, 20/24″

10 alt. pistols

8 Deadlifts, 155/225lbs