FSJ Ross H MacLean Flyers Need Your Votes

Over the past few months I have been very fortunate to get to know this group of kids from doing their dryland this season. They are an amazing hard working, respectable, and sometimes a little crazy, group of kids who have been donating their time during their hectic schedules to our community.

Let’s show them what an amazing support system our CrossFit Community is and vote for them to win the Chevrolet Canada Good Deeps Cup. Any views on the video count as a vote, and you can vote more than once from the same device. Voting ends January 28th.

FSJ Ross H MacLean Flyers Peewee A Team is currently in the Top 10 across Canada! The top three Finalist will be announced Thursday February 1st. If they win they will receive:

  • $15,000 for the charity of its choice
  • Hockey Canada/Chevrolet branded swag
  • Good Deeds Cup winners’ ceremony in its hometown
  • one-minute feature on television
  • summer practice with a Chevrolet Hockey Ambassador


So click on the link and watch the video as much as you can before the 28th! Best of luck Team!

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