New Years New You Winners

Our New Years New You Challenge is over. Over the last 3 months, 14 clients signed up for our challenge, to focus on nutrition and habits built around nutrition.

They were given 2 daily tasks, and 2 weekly tasks to complete, each worth 5 points. They also received one-on-one nutrition coaching to help them achieve their goals.

Although the challenge was not focused on weight lost I am proud to say that they lost a combined 113lbs! And of the 7 who tracked their measurements they lost 25.5 inches!

For our current members Ola is our winner with 724 points!

Samantha is our winner for new members, but also cleaned up the points with 807 points!

Congratulations to all of our participations!

If you’d love to learn how to dial in your nutrition like our Challenge participants did, then head to to learn about our nutrition coaching and sign up today!

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