Summer Throwdown – Event 1

Thruster Ladder

Athletes will have 20 seconds to take the first barbell from the ground and then perform one thruster. They will then have 10 seconds to transition to the next station before attempting the next barbell weight. Athletes may take as many attempts as needed in any 20 second period. If you fail at the weight, you have the option to do as many deadlifts as possible in the remaining 20 seconds for the tie breaker.

All womens scaled athletes will go through the ladder first, then RX women, followed by scaled men and finally RX men.

Mens RX Weights: 155/165/175/185/195/205/215/225
Womens RX Weights: 105/115/125/135/140/145/150/155
Mens Scaled Weights: 75/95/105/115/125/135/145/155
Womens Scaled Weight: 45/55/65/75/85/95/105/115

Each Station will be worth a set amount of points. The team score will be the total points. The deadlifts will only be used as a tie breaker.
Points: Bar 1: 68pts. Bar 2: 72pts. Bar 3: 76pts. Bar 4: 80pts. Bar 5: 84pts. Bar 6: 88pts. Bar 7: 94pts. Bar 8 100pts.

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