Week 3

This weeks challenge winner is The Bent Rowers with 503 Calories! Flexy Beast was close behind with 474, and Team Black had a total of 419. The Startled Koalas take last again with 348 calories.

Point total for the week are:

The Bent Rowers: 48

The Startled Koalas: 46

Team Black: 38

Flexy Beast: 33

So going into the fourth week Team Black still has the lead with 167 total Points.

The Startled Koalas are right behind with 166 points.

The Bent Rowers have 147 points and Flexy Beast are trailing behind with 92 total points.

We are changing gears for Week 4’s challenge to strength… how much weight can you pull on a sled for 50ft? You will can 2 warm ups, then 1 attempt. The straps must be strapped around your shoulders and you must walk forward. Sled has to start behind the start line and finish past the finish line. Lets see what team has the strength to come out on top!